I hate that saying “If It’s On The Internet It Has To Be True.”
What kind of idiot believes that? A moron, that’s who.

But having said that, I am not an idiot (about the interent anyway) nor a moron. I know that when researching anything, and that if you decide to use the internet, you have to be careful of what you read on here. So when I decided to write this book, I had to do some research, and by that I mean I still have alot more to do.

To do a story that is based on the migration of mythical creatures that don’t exist… it’s alot. I mean, clearly Vampires, Werewolves, Chimeras, Dragons, Unicorns, Elves, and many many others, they don’t exist, like REAL ones. The kind from legends and stories, but people who just practice it and belive they are one. I don’t know if I want witches to be in my story, if I do, I want Wizards and Warlocks, but I want them all to be seperate, but you know.. mingled together, if that makes sense.

I’m kind on a toss up between having humans interact in this secret mythical world, like obviously they go and interact with humans in their world, but for humans to discover thier world… SCANDAL. But I’m thinking of having a human forced to because they become a cross of being human and mythical.. which is such a contraditction. But whatever.

I said this was a work in progress.


I’ve been researching things like the chimeara, and people like Medusa… although that was more because of my favotire TV show, “Grey’s Anatomy” and that Merideth has the nickname of “Medusa” on there. Anyway. I stumbled upon a werewolf page…. It freaked me out. Not because the idea of werewolves creep me out, but because the picture at the top… it creeped me out. But I definately am going to be taking some liberites with some of these attributes and legends. Like these are the things that mortals believe, and then this is what it really is.

It’s going to be awesome when I get done with the book. Of course, I do need an actual plot before I write anything. Like… a main character. And what their conflict is. I think I already know the main character is going to be a girl. I just don’t know what she’s going to be. I’m highly intrugued though about making one of the main characters this half serpent, half… woman type thing…

And mermaids are totally going to be in the story too, I know that. I think I’m going to have guard thingys for like the big baddie. Who I don’t even know who that is yet. I told you this story is in the devloping stages.

Until Later – Jessi