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I hate that saying “If It’s On The Internet It Has To Be True.”
What kind of idiot believes that? A moron, that’s who.

But having said that, I am not an idiot (about the interent anyway) nor a moron. I know that when researching anything, and that if you decide to use the internet, you have to be careful of what you read on here. So when I decided to write this book, I had to do some research, and by that I mean I still have alot more to do.

To do a story that is based on the migration of mythical creatures that don’t exist… it’s alot. I mean, clearly Vampires, Werewolves, Chimeras, Dragons, Unicorns, Elves, and many many others, they don’t exist, like REAL ones. The kind from legends and stories, but people who just practice it and belive they are one. I don’t know if I want witches to be in my story, if I do, I want Wizards and Warlocks, but I want them all to be seperate, but you know.. mingled together, if that makes sense.

I’m kind on a toss up between having humans interact in this secret mythical world, like obviously they go and interact with humans in their world, but for humans to discover thier world… SCANDAL. But I’m thinking of having a human forced to because they become a cross of being human and mythical.. which is such a contraditction. But whatever.

I said this was a work in progress.


I’ve been researching things like the chimeara, and people like Medusa… although that was more because of my favotire TV show, “Grey’s Anatomy” and that Merideth has the nickname of “Medusa” on there. Anyway. I stumbled upon a werewolf page…. It freaked me out. Not because the idea of werewolves creep me out, but because the picture at the top… it creeped me out. But I definately am going to be taking some liberites with some of these attributes and legends. Like these are the things that mortals believe, and then this is what it really is.

It’s going to be awesome when I get done with the book. Of course, I do need an actual plot before I write anything. Like… a main character. And what their conflict is. I think I already know the main character is going to be a girl. I just don’t know what she’s going to be. I’m highly intrugued though about making one of the main characters this half serpent, half… woman type thing…

And mermaids are totally going to be in the story too, I know that. I think I’m going to have guard thingys for like the big baddie. Who I don’t even know who that is yet. I told you this story is in the devloping stages.

Until Later – Jessi


I have currently in progress, before my latest idea hit me, six stories, now it’s seven. And none of them are really written beyond an idea.

But ever since Harry Potter ended with the last movie last year, I’ve had this want to write my own story, my own story where I create the world. And movies like Avatar, a whole world created from someone’s mind… incredible. Or you know, in books like “Wicked” which I know, isn’t completely made up, it is based off things that could be real, but it’s the fact that there are Quadlings, obviously made up, they dont’ exist anywhere in this world. Or that there could be witches, anyone can do it. It’s amazing to me. And then you know there are other books too, Harry Potter obviously, I mean she made up some of the coolest things for that world. And in Twilight, she took the idea of vampires and twisted it. Yes, some people think it’s stupid that vampires sparkle… but that’s the thing about writing. Take legends, things that people have assumed to be true and take your own liberties.

I want to do that. I want to create a world like that. And I wanted to do it with someone you don’t really see that often, so I thought… Fairies.

So I have this idea for a book on Fairies. Not like Tinkerbell – that will never get beyond a kids cartoon. Besides, my idea isn’t anything like that. Although… they still have never told us how Tinkerbell meets up with Peter Pan… Anyway.

But as I wrote this book, I realized that as much as I love this idea… I would love to do a book where it features all mythical creatures crossing, and trying to hide all of that from the human world. But that’s all I’ll say there. I don’t like to put my ideas out there until after I’ve developed them… and even then I won’t.

But like I said, I have seven books now. Well, six I guess. One is just a sentance that I have never developed a plot for. The rest have some kind of plot.

FAIRY BOOK – About fairies. What else? Really only one of them has an acutal name. I have notes and developed plot for this one. It may possibly be two books, I’m thinking. I came up with idea for this story when I had the urge to create my own world, but with characters or creatures that weren’t so overdone like Vampires and Werewolves.
JULIANNE AND TRISTAN – At this point her name is Julianne, but sometimes I think about changing it. This one, this story, I orginally developed from the movie LEGEND, but since it’s become alot more complicated. So when I write about this one and update eventually, it’s under Legends, because the book is about two people who come from a legendary race that isn’t supposed to exist anymore.
MYTHICAL CREATURES BOOK – This one, I decided to write because I wanted to write a book where creatures from the past, plus possibly ones I make up cross paths, and everything. Humans may be involved, they may not. This idea is just getting off the ground.
TEEN SCENE – This one, I actually wrote out a long time ago on my old computer… and then forgot to save, so I’m trying to reconstuct it from memory. Kind of, some of the things I had on papers, so the characters are the same and even the premise behind the story, but things have changed. I can remember most of it. But sometimes I think my old story¬†Mystic Jewels gets confused in it. That story needed alot of help. As does this one sometimes. But that’s why I’ve never even thought about trying to even begin to get this one published. I also once had a story called Teenage Troubles.
TWINS – This is just this little scene I started. I have no idea where it came from. It’s just sitting there, like one day I just wanted to start writing a story so I did. Truthfully, I’m not sure if this will ever get off my computer.
MY LIFE STORY – This one. This one is a difficult one. It’s kind of about my life. But not exactly. The characters are BASED off people in my life and even some of the events. But the main character (me) she has both her parents, and is an only child. I have a sister. And there are scenes that never happened. Not to mention the fact that she never moved, I moved to three different states. My best friend in teh story, that acutally happened to me in real life, what’s going to happen to her, just not exactly in the same story that mine did. You’ll see. I’ll keep you updated.

Any other updates on my stories and I’ll be sure to keep you updated. Also, if I were to write about EVERY fanfiction I have… this blog would be much much longer.