Wow. It has been THREE AND HALF years since I updated this blog. Remember when I was going to update DAILY? Well clearly that happened. Ha. Ha. Ha.

My last entry was, Will I Ever Post About The Watermelon? and as you can see, I have not, and it has been over three years. Does this mean I don’t want to? No, of course not. I can’t even say that MOVING is an excuse, because to be honest, it’s totally not.

But I really need to update this, I have done a fair amount of cool baking projects SINCE I last updated this thing, I just have never bothered to update this. My fault. Totally my fault (I mean who else’s fault WOULD it be? This is solely MY blog) and I really need to do better.

I think since I I made that last blog, I even made a remake of that cake, and I still have yet to update this thing. I have good intentions, but I just never actually post. *Sigh* Failure. That’s what I am when it comes to this blog. A FAILURE.

But let’s see – what did I last talk about anyway? *consults blog* I talked about the fact that I moved from Plymouth, Michigan to Houston, Texas. I still live in Houston and in fact, in the same apartment. You know – there’s that. So why haven’t I updated ANYTHING? No excuse. Honestly don’t have a real reason other than I forgot, I am lazy, I was unmotivated… the list could go on.

But probably the biggest reason I don’t update, I just don’t bake that often because my kitchen is small and annoying to use and move around. I don’t know HOW I managed to cook full blown Thanksgivings out of it, it’s that small. Oh that’s right, I have to use the floor to hold used dirty dishes (hey, they are dirty and I have NO COUNTER SPACE or sink space).

Having fed you all these excuses – I am HOPING to update this thng again. With a real life update and real baking updates. But we will see. At this rate, it’s probably going to be 2021 before I post again, Hahaaaaaaa, I kid kid kid, kinda.

I hope I am kidding.

Until next time –