Okay, this one will be quick. Like really quick. And full of mostly pictures.

If you’ve read my blog before, then you’ll know that I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan – seriously, a lot of my fan fictions (okay like mostly all of them) are about Harry Potter. And my friends all know me well enough to know that I LOVE Harry Potter, so what kind of birthday cake does Spalding make me? That’s right, Harry Potter.


It turned out EPIC. I’m in love with it. Too bad I had to eat it, but I couldn’t let it go to waste, that would have been a sin. Seriously, if you read this, Spalding, I LOVE YOU. It was a chocolate cake in some pieces and marble in the others. The chocolate by itself tasted better than the marble. The frosting, also chocolate, was really good as well. I can’t really say much other than to ramble on about how awesome my birthday cake was.

Keep in mind, that it is now May, and my birthday was March 15. Totally me to wait a month and a half to get this blog post up, right? Yeah, that’s me. Anyway. One day, I’ll edit this post when I find Spalding’s blog again. Or her website – something like that to direct you to her if you wanted her to make you a cake, however, she operates out of Ohio, so you’d have to be pretty close to her to get a cake. She lives and hour away from me.


IMAG1284 IMAG1285 IMAG1273 IMAG1281











Speaking of which… she totally did not give me my Christmas cookies. Jerkface. Just kidding, I love you Spalding.

Until next time –