It’s a simple concept. Really it is.

I know that it’s been awhile here since I wrote. My goal of keeping this updated constantly is obviously not happening, but I just forget and get too busy, besides I haven’t baked anything since Christmas. Except that cake. Which didn’t turn out exactly as I had hoped. It was good, but not too good. I’ll give you another update about that at a later time, but right now, I just want to talk about treating others fairly.

Why can’t people just treat everyone else fairly? Why do they have to make others as miserable as themselves? If you’re feeling sorry for yourself, why do you have to make everyone else feel like crap as well? Get up off your lazy ass and do something to make yourself feel better. Do some exercise if it’s your weight – don’t sit around and say “Oh I can’t lose this weight, it’s hopeless.” Change your diet, do some exercise, join a gym, see a nutritionist. If you can’t afford any of this, go to youtube – there’s always some kind of video on there that can help you. Some kind of exercise regimen that can be done from your own home without you having to spend a dime.

However, the person I’m speaking about, I’m sure this isn’t the issue. I have no idea what her real issue is, but I just know that she does everything in her power to make her daughter miserable. And I just don’t understand why she feels the need to do this.

So really, I just want to know, why is it so hard for some people to just be nice? To treat people around them like they want? And then when they don’t get it, they complain about it. Hello? If you’re nice, the probability that others will be nice to you back is pretty high. Ever heard of the saying, “You attract more flies with honey than vinegar?” – or whatever that saying is. Point is, I’m a pretty nice person, in fact I would say that I’m a very nice person, I’m not one to be mean to someone just because I’m having a bad day, it’s not me.

That’s probably why I don’t understand why people do this, because I don’t do it. Why would I be mean to someone, especially someone I loved, it’s just stupid.

Note: While I’m going to talk in first person in this next part, it does not actually refer to me.

She yells at me all the time, over the stupidest things, things that aren’t even my fault, and she knows it. I pay rent, what more does she want from me? Oh wait, more money apparently, or does she want me out of the house? It’s hard to say, because she doesn’t actually say anything specific herself. You asked me to pay rent, so I did, but since it’s my house too, that should entitle me to allow me to keep things in the kitchen, should it not? Apparently, it doesn’t. What does she want from me? To stay in the house? Then please, would you stop doing everything in your power to PUSH ME AWAY?

How does someone treat someone that way and then complain that you’re never around when all you seem to do is complain about things that makes them want to run in the opposite direction and never look back? There is obviously more to this situation that I am referring to her, but I won’t get into it, it’s not my place to spread that kind of stuff, personal stuff, around.

I just, wish people could treat everyone else decently. It’d make the world a much nicer place.

Also, on a completely different note – it won’t stop snowing. And it sucks. I do not like this super cold weather.

– Jessi –