I wish I had taken pictures of these cupcakes I just made recently. Honestly, I so wish I had, because they were perfect cupcakes, and so picture worthy, but I didn’t. So any pictures in this blog are all from the internet, and I did not make ANY of them.

It was recently my best friend’s birthday, Lizziy, and I have a habit of making my friend’s their favorite cupcakes for thier birthday’s, so of course, I made her some. Her favorite is red velvet, and these cupcakes were SO good. I used Duncan Hines red velvet mix, even though I’m perfectly capable of making cupcakes from scratch, but I do take short cuts once in a while.  I did however, make her frosting from scratch.

I did not make up this recipe myself, in fact it’s from Comfortably Domestic, that’s the name of her blog, but her real name is Kirsten. I was actually just going to make her the traditional cream cheese frosting that so commonly comes on
red velvet cupcakes, but in passing I mentioned that I was making a white chocolate recipe that I had found on teh internet for my sister, Amy’s half birthday cake, and Lizziy made the joke to put both on hers. So I did. Again, both of these cake from Kirsten’s blog, which she updates with recipes all the time. Long story short, I made Red Velvet Cupcakes with White Chocolate Buttercream and some others with Cream Cheese Frosting.

Let me tell you something, both of these frostings are AMAZING. They taste so much better than any frosting, buttercream or icing that you will ever taste. Here’s the links for you:
White Chocolate ButtercreamThe Only Other Frosting You’ll Ever Need
Cream Cheese FrostingThe Only Frosting You’ll Ever Need
(These links are her titles, not necessarily my opinion.)

You have to try these recipes if you are up for making your own frosting. They were hands down the BEST thing I have ever made, and I’ll be damned if I ever try to top them. Unless I use another cupcake flavor. Now, when Lizziy finally returns my tupperware, I can make my sister’s cupcakes, which won’t be red velvet, and I’ll be sure to take pictures of those for you.

When I’m baking in my current (very small and very annoying) kitchen, my biggest problem (other than not enough space) is that my oven is… well weird. I’ve never had this problem with an oven before where it was so off in temperature. If I set it for cupcakes at the desired temperature of 375° F, and the amount of time is supposed to be 15 to 20 minutes, I usually have to check the product I’m baking at 10 minutes for fear of burning. This caused me untold frusterations when I first started using this oven. But I live in an apartment, so I should know better. At least I figured it out. Not to mention, my oven/stove is on an angle because it doesn’t fully fit in the kitchen so one end is lower than the other. That’s annoying too. This kitchen… I hate it, but it gets the job done.

Until my next creation (with my own pictures hopefully), Good Eats… or something…

– Jessi