This new book idea I had… HAS TAKEN OVER! Just kidding. Kind of.

I honestly have been writing down research notes for the past five days. Intermixed with running errands and keeping my DVR clear, any other spare time, I’ve been researching mythical creatures for my book. Seriously. My bed, where I work, is covered in notebooks, pens, markers, my pencil case, a Harry Potter book, which I was using as a refrence to something. I am well aware that the information on any magical creatures in Harry Potter book is basic at best, if not made up completely, but having a well based knowledge on these creatures, fictional or not, or the factual based history will help me figure out how I want my characters to act.

I think what I find most interesting about the fact that I am writing a new book, is that for the first time… I don’ t have any clear cut characters. I mean the main character is developing on it’s own, slowly, but I don’t know anything about them. It’s strange, because this is new for me. My main character has always made themselves clear from the very beginning, and I had a very good idea of how they were going to look, but this one, no. I think really, all I know is that it’s a she, and that she has something to do with the Dead. Very unusual for me. But I’m excited.

I’m so into this research and the things I’m learning. It’s FASCINATING. facinating. facsinating. Fascinating… I had it right the first time, go figure. Like today, I’ve so far researched, kappas (which is what I looked at Harry Potter for to see what JKR had them be versus what I had read in my research), centaurs, kraken, hydras and sirens. And that’s just today.  I really haven’t gotten as much done as I’d like, but that’s because life is interspersed with my time for researching.

I have to look after my mom, take her to doctor’s appointments, cook dinner for her (and me), keep on my TV shows, since I usually watch them only off my DVR, I have to keep that thing clear, because they build up fast. Plus I sleep odd hours. And then I have my doctor’s appointments as well, and all the other errands that Ihave to do for the day, not to mention keepig the apartment clean. Although I don’t actually keep my DVR as clear as I should… Anyway, I digress.

But what I was trying to say is that I’d like to have more research done already, since because when I go back to work I’m not going to have as much time to do any of this as I would really like, because I have to do everything mentioned above,  PLUS work. So that’s going to be interesting. I’m pretty good at juggling it all, it just interferes with my writing time.

Like I was saying before I got so off topic, I’m really into my research. Some of it I had already come across in other things I had once done for school, but now I’m actually writing it down and taking in what I am learning. It’s all so very interesting and I’m hoping to find out even more very interesting tidbits of information that I didn’t know before. Overall, I’ve researched wraiths, banshees, Echidna, pheonix’s, harpy’s, fairies, ghouls, genies, furies, gnomes, trolls, unicorns, wendigos, centaurs, hydras, krakens, kappas, sirens and I started to research on dragons, but I’m trying to hold out on the big ones like dragons, vampires, werewolves, and elves, you know because I could spend alot of time on those. Plus… werewolves kind of creep me out. I don’t like the way they look, I don’t like the way the sound when they howl, and the idea of ever actually meeting one… FREAKS ME OUT. I don’t belive in werewolves, but if they were real, and I met one… I’d be in so much trouble. I hate Halloween for the only reason taht I hear those damn howls. Hate them, the howls I mean.

Anyway, that’s my update, that I am still researching and have been for five days. If I stop getting distracted by the TV and facebook I bet I could get alot more done though…

– Jessi