My goal is to update this blog everyday, or at least every few days. And sometimes there will be more than one blog a day, but that’s just how it is.

I was just looking at my books… well in my head anyway, and I realized that only ONE has an actual title… and I’m not even sure that I like that title for it. But I go through this with my fanfictions too. But I wanted to know if that was normal. And not that I really expect an answer for my question, but I guess, sometimes you just dont’ know what to call it until it’s done. Sometimes I think I have a title for it, and then by the end, it’s totally changed.

But what I wanted to write about today was… well of course one of my unnamed books, that I’ve aptly named “My Life” until I do figure out the name. On my computer it has a name like “The Zoey McGuire Book” because as of right now I think the main character’s name is Zoey. I keep changing it. I changed it again just recently to Ella, but I’m not sure I like it. I think I’m going to change it back to Zoey. Actually yes, for now, I’m changing it back to Zoey. I know at one point her name was Samantha, and it was also something different before that, but I really can’t remember that one. I’m sure it’s in the backlogs of my computer… or notebook papers somewhere.

This story is set in a real life town in Rhode Island… which is crazy because I have never been there, but there was something appealing about setting it in a town that’s so small because the STATE is so small. So I’ve been using google earth to find real places that are there to use in my book. In a way I do believe this book is my baby, but also, so is that other book I’ve been doing so .

The main character Zoey is supposed to be based off me, but as I write the first chapter… over and over and over and over and over and over… (seriously, I’ve rewritten this chapter over 30 times now), she’s not like me as much as I thought she would, be but I guess that’s the point. She’s only based off me. The best friend she has, now she’s like my old best friend to a “T”. But that’s what this book is about at first, the way my friendship was with Julie, and how it fell apart. However, I have to figure that one out, because part of the reason that Julie and mine’s friendship fell apart was because my dad died. And I have no plans for Zoey’s dad to die. The character that is based of Julie’s name is Lindsay… I think. It could change you know. At first her name was Shellyanne, and then it was Christina, and now it’s Lindsay, who knows what it could change to?

Interestingly enough, the minor characters, such as my brother Josh’s character’s has only changed once and I have no intention of changing that  again. His best friend has never changed, and two of my ex boyfriend’s characters names have never changed either. I guess it’s all about finding the name that fits the character just right.

It’s a never ending process it seems. But I’ll get there. You’ll see.

– Jessi