I should have graduated from the Art Institute, on Sept. 2011, but I didn’t. And I’ll tell you why.

As much as I loved and sometimes hated school, I ran into some problems in that last quarter at school. You should know that I did pass Chocolates and Sugars, as well as Adv. Cakes and Tortes. I’m a whiz when it comes to tempering chocolate, I can do it very well now, thank you. Chocolate tempering is not the reason I failed, trust me.

Wait, I did not tell you I failed, did I? My bad. Well, I failed. Sort of. In my last quarter at school, I had the classes, Showpieces, Cake Decorating, and Breads. I was great, I knew what I was doing, I liked what I was doing, and I was all set up for greatness. Only, I started that new  job I talked about, and a new job who is not lienent with time at all, and having to devote several hours a week I didn’t have to school, wasn’t working out for me. But I needed money to pay for school, and to get money I needed the job. In the end I had to miss school on certain occasions to work, or miss work to go to school. I didn’t have time to do the homework I needed, I was so distracted I coudn’t study… So I dropped breads. And then I wold have passed Cakes, but in my work schedule confusion, I forgot to take my last test, THE FINAL.  So I failed.

And I should go back to school, and I will one day, but that day is just going to to have wait until I’m in a better place.

As for baking jobs… haven’t tried to look, I’ll be honest. I may have one, if I want it. But I sprained my shoulder, so I don’t want to pursue that until my shoulder is better. No good at cake decorating with a busted shoulder. Trust me.

– Jessi