So I  know it’s been awhile,  not that anyone is really following this yet.

I keep getting stuck on my book. I mean I know what I want to to happen, but it’s a matter of getting what’s in my head to translate onto the paper right. I mean I write my fanfiction just fine. So why is it so hard to write my own? Because there’s not large background behind it, maybe?

I don’t know, but whatever the reason, I kind of wish that I could write it and just get SOMETHING out. ANYTHING. I mean I love to write, nothing could make me happier. But whatever the reason, I will eventually get this book written and published. Don’t know when, but it will be published one day. One day, I will be a published author.

On the job front with my crazy-ass-I-have-to-get-out-of-there job, I am almost there. About to get out. I had an interview at another place, and then another one which went right into another interview and as long as I pass my background check, I should be golden. Should be. Because you know there’s always that slim chance it won’t. But I’m like 95% sure that I’ll get it. My sister works at the same place and they are going to cross train me and I’ll actually get some use out of my school expierences. Awesome? Amazing? Exciting? Very.

– Jessi