So I’m taking Sugar Works and Chocolate this quarter, as well as Advanced Cakes & Tortes.

But I’m FAILING my Chocolate class right now, which means I’m probably failing Sugar too. So I have to like ROCK it the rest of the quarter, and I’m only failing by like 3 points. But still, it’s failing. And I don’t like failing ANYTHING.

I know how to make it, I just have to be COMFORTABLE doing it. And I’m not comfortable because I’m worried I might mess up. And besides it was my first time, I didn’t have someone helping me the way that Spalding and Kim did were with each other. It’s easy to be good and fine and comfy in what you’re doing when your only doing half. DUH.

And is really fair to lose all 55 points for missing class, and then not be able to make it up AT ALL? Like if I take the time to come in, shouldn’t I get some points for coming in, I mean yah, not all, duh, but SOME? That would be logical. But no, you miss one day you lose 55 points, you miss two and ya miss 110, STUPID, I tell you. STUPID. So yeah, I missed 2 days. That’s why I’m failing. By 3 points. At this point, if I get a freaking 61, I’ll me happy. Which is sad all on it’s own. GREAT. I can’t wait for breads. I’m not missing one damn day, I tell you. NOT ONE. And I’m great at breads too.

– Jessi