So I’m sick again. Or still. However you want to look at it. Spending another day at home watching movies and TV. I’m trying to do my best to keep my twitter updated and things like that, but I’m not famous. And I only have 12 followers, so I don’t think any of them care about what I post on there.

As for my books, i’ve got like… 4 in the works, and just got an idea for another. Hope I remember it. But the one I’m most excited about right now, well it’s not going to well, and I wish that I could actually write it. Maybe it’s my room. It’s all messy and crap. I really want to write my book, it’s based on me and my life. BASED, not actually everything that happens. It changes all the time.

So that’s it for today. Me, sad that I am unable to get the words I want to write my story…

– Jessi