First, I’m Jessica, although I prefer Jessi.
It’s Jessi, not Jessie or Jessy. J E S S I – common mistake.

I created this blog because I like to put my thoughts down and I do it best on the computer than I do anywhere else. I am a student at the Art Institute for Baking & Pastry, because well, I want to be a baker, chef, whatever you wish to call it. Although I’m in school for that, I am also writing a few books, and I am constantly on my computer, when I’m not out with friends, at school or at my crazy-ass-I-need-to-get-out-of-there job. But that doesn’t mean I’ll update this thing regurarly, just when I have an odd thought I feel I need to share.

So that’s it for now. I’ll share more about me and my works later! =)
– Jessi